Family, Child, or Teen Therapy

Family Therapy


It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

When you thought about the perfect life, you never imagined the various issues that come along with raising a family – your child struggling in school, behavioral issues, or having your relationship on the cusp of its breaking point.

But that’s right where you are, asking yourself how in the world you even got here!?

You have a ton of questions with few answers.

Parenting doesn’t come with an owner’s manual…

Despite reading books, asking friends and family, and feverishly searching Google, the problems in your family are starting to feel too large to overcome on your own.

You’re exhausted, you’re feeling stuck, and you’re nervous for what lies ahead.

How Family Therapy can help….

Family therapy can be that manual or textbook you’re looking for. Through guided exercises, you will identify unhealthy patterns or dynamics in your family system that need to be shifted.

Everyone will have to look at their role within the family. Each person’s behaviors will be evaluated for the value they hold in your family. Through compassion and empathy, change will ensue.

Shifting boundaries and maximizing positive interactions are only just the beginning of what you’ll get from family therapy. In the end, you’ll feel more connected to your family members and feel confident in yourself in the role that you play in your family.

Child or Teen Individual Therapy


Your child or adolescent won’t talk to you.

You see your child or adolescent struggling, but you can’t get them to talk to you. You’ve tried everything from bribing them to forcing them to sit down with you. Nothing has worked.

As your child goes through struggles, you’re reminded of the struggles you had as a child or adolescent. Growing up can be so emotionally taxing on both of you!

You don’t know how to help, but you want to!

You want the best for your child or adolescent, to lead them to a bright future, and to let them know you love them. Sometimes, you struggle to get these messages across.

You need extra support and guidance. Your child or adolescent needs a safe space to explore and be free of pressure, judgment, or influence.

Healing and strength are possible.

Through individual therapy for your child or adolescent with family therapy consultations, your child or adolescent will become more intone with themselves. They’ll learn the skills to emotionally regulate, the language to express themselves in a healthy way, and the courage to open themselves to life’s greatest joys.

Therapy can be fun! Through exploration with the use of music, art, role-playing, and games your child or adolescent will begin to improve upon their relationships. They will begin to heal from their past, and gain strength for their future.

Safety in a therapist.

Children and teens tend to be highly influenced by loved ones. They see their parents as heroes, their friends as keepers of their reputations, but might see themselves as the lowest person on the totem pole.

By working with a therapist, your child or teen can feel safe to explore themselves and how they fit into the world without fear of judgment or feeling like they need to prove something. They can find themselves, express themselves, and learn to love themselves.

Common Family Therapy and Child or Adolescent Therapy Topics

  • Behavioral Issues
  • Puberty
  • Talking Back
  • Rule Breaking
  • Bullying
  • Low grades in school
  • High stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Trauma
  • Relationships
  • Breakups
  • Parent with a mental or medical illness
  • Loss of a parent
  • Preparing for college
  • Transitioning schools
  • Choosing a high school

Help is just a phone call away. We can help you decide which type of therapy is right for you. With multiple therapists on staff that have specialized training in working with children, adolescents, and families with specified treatment modalities, we are confident that we can serve you in the best way possible!