Our Team

About Therapy

Therapy is probably one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding things you’ll ever do. It’s like your first month of work. At first, you have to ask your coworker where to go and what to do. You find yourself uncomfortable with your surroundings. You don’t even know where the bathroom is! As the month progresses at your new job, you start to gain a better grasp of where things are and what your role is. By the end of the month, you’re aware of your surroundings and you’ve made the discomfort become comfortable, safe, familiar. So much so that you find yourself taking charge and leading discussions.

Therapy, too, will have you first questioning everything. You will feel discomfort! Then, you will start to gain awareness for why things currently are the way they are. Next, you’ll start to empower yourself to make changes. This might be the most uncomfortable part. The unknown. But with your therapist supporting you, and your newly learned insights you’ll be able to make the changes that you’re yearning to make. The changes you know you can make. After all, that’s why you’re seeking therapy, right? Taking charge of your life. Change.

Exploring your past, present, and future through talk therapy is imperative. But, just talking isn’t enough. We believe that you need take home behavior changes to implement after each session. When you come back the following session, you’ll process how you felt the changes went, if they worked for you, what parts did you like/not like, if there’s anything to change, etc. You will build upon these homework assignments until you’ve reached your therapeutic goals. Through self-exploration and new, healthier thoughts and behaviors you will feel like a Better You.

About Our Team

The Better You Institute’s employees are highly-trained, experienced, and dedicated to the betterment of You.

Our Therapists

Nitasha Strait, ABD, M.Ed., MA, LMFT- Founder
A perfect blend of warmth, empathy, and supportive learning is the quintessential therapeutic path to gaining the skills and insights into your issues and how you can solve them. At times, I will be the validating support you need to build you up and see the positives in your life. Other times, I will be the accountability and extra push you may need to making changes.

My work is informed by interactions that I’ve had with past and current clients, professional training, and my collegiate teaching experiences at Temple University, Penn State University, and Rutgers University. My passion has always been to treat individuals, couples, and families through solace oriented teaching.

With nearly a decade of training and experience, I’m confident I can help you get to where you want to be. I received my first Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from La Salle University and my second Masters in Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University. I’m currently working on finishing my Ph.D. in Human Sexuality at Widener University.

Our Support Staff

Nicole Williams- Clinical Administrative Assistant
Psychology was not always my original passion. I majored in Business Management for three semesters before realizing my true calling was within the field of Psychology.

Before meeting Nitasha, the world of Marriage and Sex therapy was a mystery to me. After taking Nitasha’s classes in Human Sexuality and Introduction to Psychology, I fell in love with the field. I have a deep passion for helping others find love, whether through interpersonal relationships or self-love. Through my administrative work and my Better You tips, I aim to help you gain a better understanding of what it means to give and receive love on a daily basis.

I am an undergraduate student at Temple University studying Psychology. I am an active member of Temple University’s Psychology Association. I plan on continuing my higher education to receive my Masters and License in Marriage and Family Therapy with a concentration in Sex Therapy.

Alexandra Carpenter- Writer

My life as both a child and a young adult has centered equally around my two main passions: learning about the things that interest me and writing. At The Better You Institute, I am enjoying an opportunity to do both.

I find great reward in being able to help others overcome the diverse set of challenges that sexuality can involve. I believe every person deserves romantic happiness, and I hope that my Better You tips will help clients achieve this.

Through these tips, I hope to not only guide clients towards successful relationships, but also to learn along with you. I will be able to carry everything I learn at The Better You Institute into my future career.

I am an undergraduate student at Temple University majoring in Psychology and minoring in both Criminal Justice and Biology. I am also active in the university’s Honors Program and am the Vice-President of the Creative Writer’s Commons.

I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and become a researcher. I am most interested in studying human sexuality, with a particular focus on highly stigmatized clients. My other research interests include autism, school violence, dreams, personality, obedience, and language development.

In my free time, I enjoy creative writing, reading and collecting record albums.