About Us

We are a boutique private practice working to serve individuals (children to adults), couples, families, and groups. With our small setup, we can show up for you in powerful ways. Our therapists limit their schedules to having smaller caseloads so that they can focus on each person’s needs in a unique, purposeful way. It is important for us to go the extra mile when it comes to the treatment of your mental health. We constantly research and stay in touch with the latest tools and techniques that best meet our clients’ needs. We offer handouts, podcasts, readings, and so much more to add depth to the care you are receiving.

We are a teaching agency that hires pre-licensed clinicians and takes on interns from masters and doctoral-level graduate programs. We provide our budding therapists with weekly one-on-one supervision, live supervision using video technology, and weekly group supervision. If you are in need of low fees, we can match you with an intern. Please note that the intern may not continue working with us upon their graduation. If this is the case, you can work with someone new with a similar fee structure. 

We are a very connected group and strive to support one another in and out of the office. We know this makes all the difference in the experience our clients get from our care. When we are at 100%, we can give 100%!

Our Mission

We think that everyone is entitled to feel their best! Our mission is to serve clinically all that reach out. Through supervision, our enthusiastic interns and pre-licensed clinicians can learn from our knowledgeable and experienced licensed clinicians. Therefore, we can see clients who need sliding scale fees while still providing high-quality services. We also offer a variety of different hours to be sure we can accommodate anyone’s schedule. Lastly, we believe that representation is important. Our clinicians come from diverse backgrounds with unique stories to best serve all populations.

Our therapists strive for intentionality in their work with each client, specifically honing in on what you need rather than providing a cookie-cutter treatment program. Furthermore, we aren’t your Freudian therapist, where you talk, and we nod. Instead, you will get our genuine selves in the room with you. We are expressive, curious, and empathetic while being direct and letting you know when something doesn’t connect for us. We believe that a large part of healing comes from the relationship created between the client and therapist during the therapeutic process. We often find ourselves laughing and having fun with clients. 

Your well-being is at the forefront of our mission. We feel it is important to create a relationship that is professional enough that you trust in our process while still feeling inviting enough to be vulnerable with yourself. We do not define our clients by a diagnosis (if you are planning on using your insurance, we must provide you with a diagnostic code); instead, we meet you in your symptoms and help you identify new coping mechanisms, thought patterns, emotional regulation, and a healed feeling that will elicit more positivity in your life. We will be our most real selves with you in return for your sharing and vulnerabilities. We think therapy can be fun! We love joking with our clients and sharing silly stories that help normalize being human; however, we might also cry with you and share in your sadness. We believe that therapy is about human connection – feeling seen and heard. When a person feels supported, they can do anything. We strive to be the support our clients need for them to achieve their idea of greatness.

We are honored to have the opportunity to work with you! Contact us for therapy in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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