AAMFT Licensure

Nitasha is currently working toward becoming an AAMFT approved supervisor. She works from Bernard’s Discrimination Model where the supervisee takes the lead in their supervision. She also works from a person of the therapist perspective making space for you to explore what you as the therapist bring into the room with each client and how each client may trigger these parts of you differently.

While working with Nitasha, you will learn how to conceptualize cases in a systems focused way. She will help you identify what the key issues are that impact each of your cases and the direction in which you should work toward change with your individuals, families, or couples.

Nitasha will also provide you with specific therapeutic tools and ideologies that can be used within your treatment of your clients. Though there is no expectation of you applying these skills if you do not feel that they are right for you and your client. Nitasha very much puts you in the driver seat of the work that you are doing with your clients.

Individual and group supervision available.

Board Certification in Art Therapy

Michael holds an Art Therapy Board Certification (BC in the ATR-BC credential). He is available to supervise individuals seeking ATR/ATR-BC credentialing. Providing art therapy to individuals, groups, and families has been a foundation of my professional career as an Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor. I have been fortunate to provide art therapy services to individuals of all ages in acute inpatient care, residential treatment facilities, in-home counseling, alternative and regular education schools, as well as private practice. These opportunities have allowed me to understand how to prescribe effective art therapy directives to address complex issues from a biopsychosocial and developmental approach when supervising individuals who are seeking their ATR credentials. I primarily focus on meeting you where you need me to be as a supervisor and guide you through your own personal career development as an art therapist. I work from the Expressive Therapies Continuum (ETC) as a model for person-centered treatment planning for your populations’ needs. Educating each other in supervision is foundational to keep ourselves aware of the multicultural needs with the individuals we serve.

Working with you in supervision sessions, I will encourage you to reflect on your transference and countertransference through case formulations to provide yourself an introspective approach to responding to your cases. The work that we provide as art therapists is indeed a transformative work on a parallel process.

Individual and group ATR supervision is available.