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 Welcome to the start of your therapeutic journey with us!

We are a boutique mental health agency that works hard to give you the personalized experience that other organizations
may be too large to offer. If you’re interested in our services, take advantage of our same-day complimentary phone consultation. You can reach us through our contact form below or by giving us a call at 267-495-4951. You’ll hear back from our specially trained personnel, Christina, same day. Yes, a real person, not an automated system or bot!

Upon reaching out, Christina will respond to you within the same day, or she may pick up the phone right away. Here is where your journey to a better you will start. Christina will spend about 15 minutes or so on the phone connecting with you and discussing what’s going on. She will help you decide who is the best clinician for your needs. Christina will then get you set up on your new therapist’s schedule and walk you through our process. From there, you will meet with your therapist and begin the work.

Christina the better you institute

Meet Christina

My name is Christina Nguyen, and I will be the person on the other end of the line when you first reach out to The Better You Institute!

I graduated from Rutgers University-Camden with a dual degree in Philosophy and Psychology. I have always said that psychology kept me grounded, and philosophy allowed me to fly when it came to understanding my world. Psychology studies how the mind and behavior influence and interact with each other. When interconnected with philosophy, it gives you valuable knowledge of existence itself.
My life has always been centered around humanity because it surrounds me. I believe that everyone serves as a mirror of the collective consciousness. We all influence each other’s attitudes, intentions, and beliefs, consciously or subconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally. For this reason, we deserve to offer each other compassion and empathy when interacting. No one person is created the same as another person. We can form a higher level of acceptance by understanding the fundamental differences between one another.
Life and the people in it are a beautiful thing. Humanity will always fascinate me because it feels like we simultaneously understand a lot about people and know nothing. There is just so much left to learn. 
You will get my passion for understanding more of myself and others on the other line or email when you reach out to The Better You Institute. Whether you are just starting your mental health journey or in continuation of it, I’m ready to listen with an open mind and help get you in touch with the best fitting therapist we have for you.                                                               


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