workplace therapy

Do you take insurance?


Our therapists provide you with a Superbill at the end of each month to submit for out-of-network (OON) reimbursement if your insurance policy offers OON benefits. (Most PPO plans provide some level of OON benefits. All HMOs, including Medicare and Medicaid, do not offer OON benefits.) This means that you will pay your therapist’s full fee out of pocket up front at the time of your appointment. You will then submit the Superbill to your insurance company. Your insurance company will review the claim and potentially reimburse you a certain percentage of the allowable amount of the fee.

We have partnered with to make submitting claims easier for you. Thrizer will also front you the money for your appointments if paying out of pocket up front feels out of reach for you.

By filling out this form, we can better assist you in knowing exactly what your coverage is and if you can utilize your insurance in your therapeutic treatment.

Why don’t you take insurance?

There are a myriad of reasons why we are not paneled with insurance companies directly. The biggest reasons are to protect your confidential information and ensure our clinicians get compensated at a fair rate that is deserving of their education and expertise promoting a healthy relationship between the client and the clinician.


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