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Are you struggling to maintain a healthy and fulfilling sex life? If so, you may benefit from seeking the help of a sex therapist in Philadelphia.


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You are highly motivated.

Sex and relationships aren’t always as easy and perfect as others portray them to be. However, it is important to know that sexual acts can be difficult for some people. Due to the constant display of perfect sex and the lack of conversations around sexual hangups, this may lead you to feel frustrated, have low self-esteem, and experience feelings of hopelessness.

Congratulate yourself. You are here because you are motivated and ready to do the work to get to a better sex life, however you define it for yourself. Our sex therapists and specialists cover a range of topics within sex therapy and can help with many of your needs! 

Change is possible.

You may have read some books, sought out services from your primary care doctor, or perhaps you’ve seen a specialist with little to no progress. Your biggest sex organ is your brain. 

You are in control of how your body responds or doesn’t respond. With the right guidance, you can feel fulfilled sexually.

Our Specialists & Sex Therapists in Philadelphia

What a Sex Therapist in Philadelphia Can Provide You

Maybe you have the support of a partner; maybe you don’t. Either way, a sex therapist can give you the support and peace of mind you’re looking for. Through talk therapy, you will explore and learn healthy sexual narratives and proper techniques to take ownership of your sexual needs.

You will feel more in control of your sex life by having tools in your back pocket to take on any challenge.

With several years of specialized sex therapy training and experience, we can help you enhance your sex and sexuality through the use of cognitive and behavioral exercises that are research tested to work. 

Together, we will explore the topic(s) you present with through talk therapy, while you will also tackle a formulated, at-home regimen of exercises until you’re confident the issue(s) you presented with are no longer matters in question.

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Common Sex Therapy Topics

  • sexual desire
  • sexual functioning
  • pelvic floor pain/irritation
  • sexual communication
  • orgasms
  • intimacy with a partner
  • exploration of new activities
  • gender identity
  • sexual orientation
  • BDSM/Kink/fetishes
  • ethical non-monogamy
  • sex for procreation
  • sex after infidelity
  • sex during pregnancy
  • sex after a child
  • sex as you age
  • pornography use
  • sex addiction
  • masturbation

Online Sex Therapy & Counseling

Telehealth, or Online Sex Therapy & Counseling, can be helpful for a range of reasons. For instance, life gets busy, and it’s not always easy to make it into an office setting. Having a session from the convenience of your office or home may be best for you.

Or you may experience elevated levels of anxiety or depression to where it is difficult for you to be in person with others. Having an appointment from the comforts of your own home may afford you the space to be vulnerable while you’re working toward growth.

Either way, we’re here to help you work in a way that feels right to you. Be sure to discuss with our intake specialist your options for video chat therapy! We work on a HIPAA-compliant platform that is free to you so that your confidentiality is guaranteed.

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What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps you deal with sex-related issues such as sexual function,  sexual feelings & intimacy, among any other sexual issues or concerns. Sex therapy can be in either individual therapy or couples therapy settings and it can benefit people of any age or gender.

Does Sex Therapy & Counseling Work?

Sex therapy or counseling can have a positive impact on the psychological and sexual health of a single person in individual therapy or a couple in the relationship therapy setting, even after only a short period of time. Still, how effective the therapy sessions are ultimately dependent on the willingness of the parties in therapy to accept and learn the concepts given to them during their sex therapy sessions.

Sex therapy is only helpful when all parties honestly consider the concerns raised and make a collaborative effort to work through them.

When Should I Consider Sex Therapy or Counseling?

Sex therapy is helpful if you have any of the below thoughts or difficulties:


    1. You are experiencing pain or physical difficulty when you try to have sex.
    2. You are processing sexual trauma.
    3. You are in a partnership with mismatched desires.
    4. You want to explore opening up your relationship.
    5. You have questions about your gender identity.
    6. You’re exploring your sexual orientation.
    7. You’re a current or former sex worker or dating someone who is.
    8. You want to overcome sexual shame.
    9. You have any issues with the topics listed under “Common Sex Therapy Topics”
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What To Expect In Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is much like any other type of therapy or counseling. It is very important to note that there is no intimate or physical touching during the sex therapy sessions. Sex therapy is meant to help either you, or your partner through sexual difficulties such as performance, sexual anxiety, or even relationship issues you may be having.

It is perfectly normal to feel out of place, or nervous going to a sex therapist, especially if it is your first time. We want you to be sure that we will be working our hardest to make sure you are in a comfortable zone and you are listened to.

How Much Does Sex Therapy & Counseling Cost?

Notating our The Better You Frequently Asked Questions, all of our sex therapists & Counselors have different costs, and we go on an hourly basis. We will listen to your needs and recommend a therapist or counselor that fits your needs. Upon completion of the first consultation call, we inform you of our costs.

Depending on your insurance coverage, this cost may or may not be covered. Please remember that we are an out-of-network provider, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us with the form below, or use the contact us page.