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Rachel Barnette



Rachel is a pre-licensed clinician working towards hours for professional counseling licensure. She is supervised by Sara Rosenberg, LPC, NCC

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I’ve always known that I wanted a career in which I would be able to help people.
Through navigating my own life struggles, I experienced the positive impact of therapy and
knew that becoming a counselor was the way I could pay that forward. People seek therapeutic
support for all kinds of reasons. Some people are working to overcome a particular struggle,
others are looking for a push to keep growing, and some are simply seeking a confidant who
will listen to them. Regardless of the reason, I believe that seeking support is an act of bravery. I
understand the strength it takes to open up to someone about who you are and what you have
experienced and trust that they will receive you with kindness and respect.

As a counselor, I aspire to foster the trust and connection necessary for my clients to be
brave and deepen their understanding of who they are and develop the self-compassion that
can lead to healing and growth. To do this, I work to be as genuine as possible and to validate
the many facets of the individual’s human experience. I strive to look at each person holistically,
to work to understand what it was like to live through the worst moments they have faced,
and, when appropriate, to find joy and laughter in the minutia of life. Through it all, I aim to
instill hope in the possibilities of the future.

I’ve been developing and honing my clinical approach for over a decade within the
mental health field. I’ve had the privilege of working with inspirational clients whom I truly
admire for their ability to trust me to be a part of their journey. I’ve learned to lean in with
clients and created a clinical practice based on the principles of empathy and compassion. In
addition to these experiences, I have grown my skillset through collegiate learning at
Pennsylvania State University and Holy Family University. I follow the practice framework for
trauma-informed care and tend to use feminist theory, Gestalt therapy, and cognitive
behavioral therapy models.

I am adept at working with individuals who have experienced various forms of trauma,
specifically survivors of sexual abuse. I also work with individuals with a spectrum of diagnoses,
including but not limited to depression, anxiety, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, and
complex grief leading to communication breakdowns, relational issues, and disconnect. I am LGBT+ affirming and a proud member of the LGBT+ community myself. I believe my clients and I are a team. While I bring the above-mentioned skill base to the therapeutic relationship, I recognize that everyone is an expert on themselves. Given the two of these truths, collaborating can bring much success to the therapeutic process. Whatever type of support you are looking for, I would be privileged to work with you on your journey to find it.

Schedule of Availability:

Monday: 3-9p in person or virtual

Tuesday: 3-9p in person or virtual

Wednesday: 3-9p in-person or virtual

Thursday: 9-3p virtual

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