Claire Savage, M.Ed

Professional Counselor

Practicum and Intern Liaison


Claire Savage, therapist in Philadelphia with brown hair and blue eyes. Claire Savage is wearing dark green turtleneck shirt with gold earrings and necklace. She is looking at the camera smiling in an office at The Better You Institute with a shelf and light in the background.

Claire Savage


Areas of Interest

Claire is a pre-licensed clinician working towards hours for professional counseling licensure. Caleb Dunn, LPC, NCC supervises her.

People would describe me as a person who is caring and open-minded. I have been told that I am the validating voice that was needed during difficult times. Growing up a first-generation Irish American has brought me a great perspective on the formation of identity. I love working with people to establish their sense of identity. Identity development allows people to know their passions, purpose, and values. My goal is to give you the space in sessions to explore your identity and sense of Self throughout the therapeutic process by establishing a strong, safe, and trustful relationship with you throughout our sessions. 

Through Division I Rowing at Temple University, my experience has made me extremely aware of mental health’s importance. When working with individuals, I remind them it is okay to fail and to have past failures. Failure is a part of your success story because of the lessons learned along the way. I like to carry this approach into my sessions. Often failure brings up emotions of shame, guilt, and fear. You learn from uncomfortable experiences in life, and this discomfort often leads to growth. I work with helping people to adopt a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset inside and outside of sessions allows you to embrace life’s challenges, empowering you to continue to learn and grow throughout life. 

I tend to view therapy as a puzzle! Throughout sessions, we will put the pieces together to help you gain a clearer picture and a new perspective. Puzzles can be challenging yet rewarding, similar to therapy. I will assist you to solve your own puzzle through the use of person-centered, experiential, somatic, emotionally focused, and cognitive behavioral approaches. Together, we can dive deep to discover the crux of the issue. We will then process what is there so you can move forward and feel confident and in control of your life.

I received my Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Counseling Psychology from Temple University. Philadelphia is significant to me because I grew up right outside of the city. My love of the city has grown stronger due to the people, experiences, and connections I have made. Outside of sessions, you can find me exploring new coffee shops, attending fun workout classes, and spending time with friends and family. I’m excited for you to start your wellness journey! 

Schedule of Availability: 

Monday: 3-8p, in-office or virtual

Tuesday: 8-12p, virtual; 3-8p, in-office or virtual

Wednesday: 9-3p, in-office or virtual

Thursday: 9-3p, in-office or virtual

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