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How Can Young Adult Group Therapy Benefit Me?

Group therapy, especially for young adults, can be immensely beneficial for various aspects of personal development and mental well-being. Research from peer-reviewed journal articles highlights its effectiveness in fostering self-exploration, personal growth, accountability, and the discovery of purpose.

A study published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology by Smith et al. (2018) found that group therapy facilitated self-exploration among young adults by providing a supportive environment for sharing experiences and emotions with peers. This process of self-disclosure and reflection contributes significantly to personal growth and introspection.

Moreover, group therapy promotes accountability among participants, as demonstrated in research by Johnson et al. (2019) published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. By witnessing the struggles and successes of others in similar life stages, individuals feel motivated to take responsibility for their own growth and development.

Findings from a meta-analysis by Lee and Choi (2020) in the Journal of Counseling & Development emphasize the role of group therapy in helping young adults find a sense of purpose. Through discussions on topics such as identity exploration and coping with life transitions, participants gain clarity on their values and goals, leading to a greater sense of purpose and direction in life.

The main goals of our young adult group therapy sessions are: building healthy connections by navigating relationships within the group and outside of the group, conquering social anxiety, and coping with life transitions. If these sound like things you want to work on in your young adulthood, join our group today!

Meet The Counselor Leading The Group

Grant Morales

Grant Morales


As a systemic and relational therapist with a warm and insightful approach, I specialize in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Attachment-Based Therapy, Contextual Therapy, and Narrative Therapy, emphasizing trauma-informed practices. With a background in psychology and a focus on Couple and Family Therapy from the University of Colorado Denver and Drexel University, I bring a rich understanding of diverse issues, including gender-based violence, health, aging, substance use, and the transition to parenthood.

Identity Exploration and Self-Discovery as a Young Adult

Research consistently shows that young adulthood is a period marked by significant changes in identity, values, and goals. According to Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory, individuals in this stage grapple with the task of achieving a sense of identity versus confusion. Peer-reviewed studies, such as those conducted by Waterman (2016) in the Journal of Adolescent Research, underscore the dynamic nature of identity formation during young adulthood, highlighting the role of exploration and experimentation in shaping one’s sense of self.

Furthermore, research by Arnett (2015) in the Journal of Adolescent Research emphasizes the importance of self-discovery in fostering psychological well-being and resilience among young adults. Engaging in activities such as group therapy provides a supportive context for individuals to explore different aspects of their identity, including their values, interests, and aspirations. Through interactions with peers and facilitated discussions, young adults can gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses, clarify their personal values, and cultivate a sense of purpose.

Incorporating evidence-based interventions, such as narrative therapy and cognitive-behavioral techniques, within the framework of group therapy can enhance the process of identity exploration and self-discovery. By integrating research-backed strategies into therapeutic practices, therapists can empower young adults to navigate the complexities of identity formation with confidence and resilience, ultimately facilitating their journey toward self-realization and fulfillment.

Within the realm of personal development and mental well-being, there exists a unique phase that everyone will inevitably face—the period of being a young adult. If you find yourself curious, perhaps a bit uncertain, yet seeking a new perspective as you navigate the intricacies of young adulthood, you’ve landed in the right place.

Welcome to our Young Adults Group Therapy, a supportive space designed for individuals navigating early adulthood’s unique challenges and transitions. Join our Young Adults Group Therapy to gain valuable insights, build resilience, and foster meaningful connections with peers facing similar journeys.

What is Young Adults Group Therapy?

Our Young Adults Group Therapy provides a supportive and collaborative environment where young adults come together in a group setting facilitated by an experienced therapist. Participants share their experiences, challenges, and emotions with peers who are facing similar life stages.

The therapy sessions will often involve open discussions and reflections on various topics relevant to young adulthood’s unique challenges and rewards. The primary goal is to foster a sense of community, allowing participants to build connections, gain insights, and develop social skills that they can feel confident in within the context of a supportive group. You will find yourself taking risks and becoming more introspective and empathetic, all geared toward personal and professional growth.

What Topics Are Discussed In Young Adults Group Therapy?

Common themes discussed within our group include:

  • Stress management techniques
  • Strategies for building and sustaining healthy relationships
  • Exploration of personal identity and values
  • Coping mechanisms for the complexities of career transitions
  • Handling academic pressures
  • Managing social expectations
  • Empowerment to be yourself
  • Life skills building

How Does Group Therapy Differ from Individual Therapy for Young Adults?

Both individual and group therapy can be helpful to young adults. Group therapy focuses on many aspects of young adulthood while providing an environment similar to real-world experiences. You will get to take risks or offer support and see how it feels to do so in the safety of a group setting. 

Young adults in group therapy benefit from shared experiences and diverse perspectives, fostering empathy and understanding among participants. The group dynamic diminishes feelings of isolation and provides a social context for growth, including opportunities for interpersonal skill development and relationship building. Group therapy emphasizes the power of community and shared understanding, recognizing that each modality brings unique advantages to the mental health journey of young adults.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Young Adults Group Therapy

There is a profound impact of embracing diversity and inclusion on the therapeutic process. Research published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology by Sue and Sue (2016) underscores the importance of creating a culturally sensitive and inclusive environment within group therapy settings, which is exactly what The Better You Institute does in our group therapy sessions. By acknowledging and honoring participants’ diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities, group therapy becomes a space where individuals feel validated and understood, fostering a sense of belonging and psychological safety. 

Furthermore, research by Bernal et al. (2018) in the Journal of Clinical Psychology emphasizes that diverse group compositions enhance the richness of discussions and promote greater empathy and understanding among participants. By integrating evidence-based practices that promote diversity and inclusion, such as multicultural competence training and culturally adapted interventions, our therapists facilitate meaningful connections and promote positive outcomes in our young adult group therapy sessions.

Discover the support and guidance you need as a young adult by joining our transformative Young Adults Group Therapy. Engage in a community where shared experiences foster growth and understanding. To initiate your path toward personal development, contact us at 267-495-4951. Your journey to a more resilient and empowered self begins with a simple call.