Sex Therapy

You are highly motivated.

Sex and relationships aren’t always as easy as others portray them to be. Sexual acts can be difficult for some people, leading to frustration, low self-esteem, and hopelessness. Congratulate yourself. You are here because you are motivated and ready to do the work to get to a better sex life, however you define it for yourself.

Change is possible.

You’ve read some books, sought out services from your primary care doctor, or perhaps you’ve seen a specialist with little to no progress. Your biggest sex organ is your brain. You are in control of how your body responds or doesn’t respond. With the right guidance, you can feel fulfilled sexually.

What a sex therapist can provide you is…

Maybe you have the support of a partner; maybe you don’t. Either way, a sex therapist can give you the support and peace of mind you’re looking for. Through talk therapy, you will explore and learn healthy sexual narratives and proper techniques to take ownership of your sexual needs. You will feel more in control of your sex life by having tools in your back pocket to take on any challenge.

With several years of specialized sex therapy training and experience, we can help you enhance your sex and sexuality through the use of cognitive and behavioral exercises that are research tested to work. Together, we will explore the topic(s) you present with through talk therapy, while you will also tackle a formulated, at-home regimen of exercises until you’re confident the issue(s) you presented with are no longer matters in question.

Common Sex Therapy Topics

  • sexual desire
  • sexual functioning
  • pelvic floor pain/irritation
  • sexual communication
  • orgasms
  • intimacy with a partner
  • exploration of new activities
  • gender identity
  • sexual orientation
  • BDSM/Kink/fetishes
  • ethical non-monogamy
  • sex for procreation
  • sex after infidelity
  • sex during pregnancy
  • sex after a child
  • sex as you age
  • pornography use
  • sex addiction
  • masturbation


*Life gets busy and it’s not always easy to make it into an office setting. Be sure to discuss with your intake specialist your options for telephone or video chat therapy!