Sex Therapy

You thought it always happened to someone else….

You’ve heard of it happening, you just never thought it would happen to you. But it did. You realized something wasn’t right sexually. Is the amount of sex you’re having not enough? Did you start experiencing pain, or did things stop working the way you want them to? Do you feel sexually impulsive? Or, are you looking for a safe space to explore a sexual kink? Whatever your reason, you’re ready to make a change!

Sex gives you anxiety.

Do you find yourself asking these questions about your issue: If we’re not having sex, does that mean we’re not in a healthy relationship? What if my sexual dysfunction happens again, what if it keeps happening? What if I can’t control my impulses? What if people will look at me in a negative light? We know how scary these things are to think about!

You are not alone.

What is happening to you is more common than you think. You are not alone in going through this. Having a safe space to feel normal and explore what’s on your mind is so important for your growth.

What a sex therapist can provide you is…

Maybe you have the support of a partner; maybe you don’t. Either way, a sex therapist can give you the support and peace of mind you’re looking for. Through talk therapy, you will explore and learn healthy sexual narratives and proper techniques to take ownership of your sexual needs in order to feel more confidence and control over your sex life.

With several years of specialized sex therapy training and experience, we can help you enhance your sex and sexuality through the use of cognitive and behavioral exercises that are research tested to work. Together, we will explore the topic(s) you present with through talk therapy, while you will also tackle a formulated, at-home regimen of exercises until you’re confident the issue(s) you presented with are no longer matters in question.