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The Better You Institute is a network of licensed professional counselors who aim to help our clients overcome their psychological issues and improve their lives. We provide online therapy and counseling for anxiety, depression, trauma, LGBTQ+, couples, sex, teens, family, among other concerns, with our online Therapy & Counselling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Online Therapy & Counseling in Pittsburgh, PA

We all have emotional difficulties at some time in our life. When you’re sad, gloomy, or worried about something in your life, it’s definitely worth consulting with someone who has been educated on such matters!

Our goal at The Better You Institute is to offer a high-quality collaborative approach that aims to target all of your psychological requirements for you to live a more fulfilling life. We will always prioritize growth and emotional development.

Our experts can assist you in locating the source of mental health concerns and teaching coping methods to manage such feelings. For those who are experiencing stress at work, at home, in social situations, or another source, therapy may be quite beneficial!

Individual Therapy

If you’re looking for a solution to your problems, individual therapy is an excellent method to cure anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or other mental illnesses. You may also work with a professional therapist on mood disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, trauma, mani, self-esteem insecurities.

Our mental health professionals have years of expertise in treating a wide range of mental health issues. They will work with you to identify the source of your suffering and start working on self-improvement right away, whether it’s dealing with stress at work or enhancing communication in a relationship.

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

When a relationship is on the verge of breaking down, it may be time to try marriage counseling or try couples therapy! Our specialists can help you recognize patterns affecting your marriage or relationship and help you work towards improved communication and problem-solving.

At The Better You Institute, we understand that working through relationship issues takes time. This is why we help our clients identify proper mechanisms to strengthen the bond and ensure it lasts.

If you are looking for positive changes in your relationship, couples therapy may be a good route for you and your partner. No one should have to figure it out on their own, and sometimes adding an unbiased and licensed professional counselor can be extremely helpful!

Child & Teen Therapy

We have many years of expertise working with children, adolescents, and teenagers. We can assist you or your child manage strong emotions through counseling sessions. We also collaborate with parents to offer extra assistance to develop a solid connection with their children.

If your child struggles with social anxiety or a lack of motivation, our counselors can help them develop better coping mechanisms during this challenging time. In some cases, children and young adults experience difficulties due to their home environment and family dynamics. Our therapists are here to guide you through these difficult times!

Please visit our website if you want to learn more about the counseling services we provide for children, adolescents, and teenagers in the Pittsburgh, PA, area.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is another of our specialties, and we have assisted numerous families with a wide range of issues through both individual and group therapy. Our therapists are experts at assisting individuals in determining what may be causing conflict in their homes.

If you’re looking to begin family therapy, it is essential to know what page the rest of your family is on. It can be tough to have a conversation with your family members, and we can assist you in resolving conflicts in a manner that accounts for the entire families’ point of view.

We also provide family therapy for parents of kids dealing with addiction and substance abuse or suffering from mental health issues. You don’t need to be a ‘perfect parent’ to have a healthy relationship with your kid; simply being there for them is a good start!

Sex Therapy & Intimacy Counseling

Sex is an excellent method of expressing passion and love with your partner and a basic human biological need. We understand how tough it can be in a relationship if one or both parties struggle with sexual expression, and we are here to help!

Our trained professionals work with clients who struggle with intimacy or a decreased sex drive. Intimacy difficulties in relationships can be caused by a variety of factors, including trust, a family of origin issues, or past trauma.

LGTBQ+ Therapy & Counseling

We strive to create a welcoming environment for every person. The Better You Institute strives to assist those of all sexual orientations, genders, and presentations feel welcome.

Our LGBTQ+ counselors have dealt with a wide range of struggles, including coming out, transitioning, family discord, internalized homophobia/transphobia, depression or anxiety, sexual orientation identity issues, spiritual difficulties, and more.

Individuals who are unsure about their gender identity may benefit from counseling. It might be an excellent approach to examine both the inner and external elements of gender, have someone with expertise guide you through your thoughts and feelings, and talk about practical concerns such as how to come out to your peers.

Anger Management Therapy

Anger is a natural feeling, but when it goes unchecked, it can have devastating consequences on your friends and family as well as yourself. Do you find yourself struggling to keep your temper in check? Do others describe you as a hot-head or someone with a short fuse—or that perhaps life is just too daunting, and rage erupts in harmful ways at times?

We’ve worked with people who struggle with anger, such as road rage, domestic abuse, and physically assaulting others. We’ve also worked with those who have displacement anger, such as passive-aggressive behavior or self-destructive habits like drinking too much alcohol.

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety is a natural part of life, but certain kinds of anxiety can prevent you from pursuing the lifestyle you desire. Anxiety symptoms include panic attacks, feeling apprehensive almost daily, depression/sadness, sleep difficulties, and irritability. Our professionals are here to assist if your anxiety appears to be getting out of hand!
We treat a variety of anxiety disorders using different therapeutic approaches to target each, including – Panic Attacks – Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – Social Phobia – Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Depression Therapy

Depression is a highly distressing condition that can be difficult to cope with. However, there is much optimism! When you work with our licensed counselors, they will assist you in identifying the source of your emotions and begin developing healthy coping strategies.

All depressive disorders respond to a different therapeutic process, depending on the sort(s) of depression you are experiencing. It may require learning to enhance interactions with your family members, improve self-esteem self-awareness, address bereavement or anger difficulties. We’ve worked with people who have issues with all of the above.

Finding the right therapist may provide a secure place to start and conclude your sessions as needed, with no pressure to continue beyond what you believe is beneficial.

Grief Therapy

Losing a loved one is a traumatic event. Many individuals are devastated by the experience, feeling profound sadness, rage, and grief.
It may be beneficial to speak with a professional who has knowledge assisting people through loss when you’re ready to move on from your grief. You can get comfort and advice from someone that understands what you’re going through, and you might pick up valuable coping strategies while your sorrow endures.

It is a big step to reach out for assistance when we need it. It takes bravery to confront the anguish of bereavement, as well as the ability to ask for assistance in overcoming it.

We provide low-cost therapy and sliding scale fares based on your earnings so that everyone may get the proper treatment they deserve.

PTSD & Trauma Therapy

Many people experience post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma without even knowing it. Symptoms may manifest many years after the event, and many individuals don’t realize what’s happening until they feel numb or detached from their surroundings.

It may be beneficial to talk with a specialist who has expertise in assisting individuals working through trauma when you’re ready to process it. It takes a tremendous amount of bravery to confront terrible memories, as well as to seek assistance in dealing with them.

Therapy can help you become comfortable with beginning your healing process. It might entail working through memories or breaking down their meaning. Various types of therapy can assist with post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma.

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