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You want to be a better version of yourself.

Do you find yourself feeling confident with most things in your life, but there’s that one thing that you just can’t seem to get over the hump? You want to go for that promotion but your scared you’re out of practice with your interviewing skills. Is your online dating profile good enough to get you matches, but no dates? Do you find yourself struggling to make new friends and can’t figure out why? Or, maybe you just want to surprise your partner with something new in the bedroom!

You’re probably getting in your own way. Hesitations to new behaviors, self-doubt, and lack of confidence are all mindsets that you’ve built for yourself over the years. For so long, you’ve seen the world with a problem-focused lense. What problem is next to solve? What problem should I handle first? These types of questions leave you wondering if you’re capable. They are not empowering.

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What if you started to look at solutions?

Language is so important for change. If you tell yourself you can’t, or look at things through a glass half empty lense, you’re more likely to fail at the very thing you set out to accomplish. When you look for the negative things in your life, that is what you will find. This is a version of  “confirmation bias” and it happens to the best of us.

What if you confirmed that you can get that job, or that you will have a nice date? Focusing on the solution that is attainable will motivate you for change and help you reach your goals.

You’ll carry yourself differently in an interview; you’ll change the way you interact with a person online, or you’ll feel confident enough in your social skills to talk to that random stranger at your next social event. Your partner will be talking about your ‘special surprise’ for months after and be begging to do it again. You will feel empowered.

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What is Positive-Brief-Strategic Therapy?

PBS Therapy* is a treatment modality that our founder, Nitasha, has developed over the years of being in practice by combining several different modalities together. She noticed a lot of people coming through her door that were unhappy with how things were but knew they were capable of getting what they wanted. They felt stuck with no answers. These people are highly functioning, feel emotionally stable, and have good support systems. They just had the wrong mindset for getting what they wanted.

Nitasha recognized these individuals spoke in negative language, were looking for a quick fix, and needed a strategy to doing so. She realized the first strategy was to help them change their language and look at the world more positively. Once you experience a language change, the strategy toward resolution becomes easier to see. You then design a plan that is going to help you reach your goals.

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Common Positive-Brief-Strategic Therapy Topics

  • improve job interview skills
  • start your own business
  • improve dating skills
  • improve intimacy/sex skills
  • enhance social skills
  • budgeting / financial goal setting
  • taking the next step to move into a new chapter of your life- enroll in higher education; decide to or not to get engaged; feel confident about marriage; decide if you want children; work toward retirement
  • establish a workout routine
  • eating healthier
  • working through a creative block


Positive-Brief-Strategic Therapy is not recommended for those who have previous, unprocessed trauma or who are currently experiencing trauma. PBS Therapy is less process-focused and more behavioral in nature. 

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