Relationships can be so difficult!

Living your life on your own can be hard enough. Adding in more people can seem daunting at times.

You often feel unappreciated. You need more than what your partner can give. At times, both you and your partner don’t have the emotional capacity to give to one another. You’ve said things that you can’t take back. You’re bickering all of the time. You find yourself feeling guilty or shameful, not excited and supportive. These nuances in your relationship can add up and make you feel incompetent as a partner or person.

Communication is key

You’ve said “we don’t communicate” more times than you can count.

Learning to talk with your partner in order to feel heard is crucial to promoting healthy bonds. Proper communication will help you to promote safety within the relationship. With therapy, you will be able to discuss those more difficult, uncomfortable topics that may lead to issues down the road if avoided.

We’re here to help!

Whether you’re in a good place and you want to be proactive or you’re on the brink of separation, The Better You Institute can help you identify and work out some of the barriers to having a healthy, satisfying relationship.

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