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Therapy for the Creative

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You consider yourself to be a Creative.

Is your sense that you tend to feel deeper, more strongly, and more often than those around you?

You see the world in bright, beautiful colors. However, sometimes you feel dark and gloomy with no light. You recognize that this is part of your talent – the ability to see the world with so much breadth – and it feels wonderful, most of the time.

There are days that it doesn’t feel great, though. That it feels pretty awful. These are the times when you are asked to dig within yourself and create beauty out of your inner turmoil. This is extremely difficult to do! Yet, here you are focusing your skills into a masterpiece. How do you process what you’ve just uncovered? You may struggle with this. You slip into a depression that feels inescapable.

Emotions – everyone has them

Do you ever find yourself feeling something without having the exact words to describe it? Does that feeling sometimes become so overwhelming to the point where it’s driving you in ways you don’t want it to?

Oftentimes, simply labeling our emotions can be super helpful when trying to get in front of them. The issue is that our society doesn’t always let people feel emotions and then talk about them. Putting you into a hard place where you’re having an experience and little room for exploration.

Living in constant pain and discomfort is not a requirement for creativity.

Working with a therapist who also considers themself to be a Creative can make all the difference. You will have space to explore everything that makes you, you. Your therapist can provide guidance that promotes pattern insights and process experiences that inform your art. They can help you focus your energy in ways that serve you best both mentally and creatively,

In developing a personalized treatment plan and working toward concrete goals, you will feel more confident in yourself as well as a level of intimacy with the world that surrounds you. Your overall well-being will increase and your level of fulfillment for life will go up.



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