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Trauma Focused Therapy


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Something happened that you, or your loved one*, want to move on from.

Life has been tough. Whether it’s one specific event or several different life experiences that have got you to this page, you’re hurting. You want to move past it but you’re not quite sure how.

You feel trapped in time.

Oftentimes, when a person has experienced a traumatic event it can stay with them for a long time. Your memory relates similar sounds, smells, noises, or people in your current day experiences to your traumatic event leading you to feel like you’re reliving it.

While your brain may think it’s protecting you, your traumatic experiences are having a negative effect on your relationships, your job, your family, you. Your mood is low and you can’t seem to shake it. Your relationships are in crisis, You are at your wits end with how things are going but can’t figure out how to make changes.

There is a way out.

When people experience intense emotions, they tend to not be able to process things clearly in the moment. Trauma-focused therapy has been statistically proven through various research studies to help reduce emotional pain in people after having experienced a traumatic event. Your memories and the emotions that come with them won’t have such a negative impact on how you view the world and the people you interact with.

Therapy can be your way out of the pain.

Trauma-informed therapy is a multiphase treatment that will help you work through dysfunctional beliefs, unwanted triggers, and negative memories. Within each phase, you will gain insights into the issues at hand and will experience new, more positive associations to old memories or gain control of your fears, shame, guilt, or anger.

Common topics Trauma-Informed Therapy helps with:

Adult or Child PTSD, anxiety, grief and loss, phobias, trauma (emotional, physical, or sexually; microaggressions), stress reduction, depression

Are you ready to make changes?

Come in for an assessment to see if therapy is right for you. Your therapist will meet with you for a few sessions to discuss treatment goals and stressful topics in which you want to work on. You and your therapist will create concrete treatment goals to work on during the trauma-informed treatment.

*Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be helpful for children. Please inquire for more information during your free consultation. 

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