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Therapy for LGBTQ+ in Philadelphia

You’re working on understanding your own identity.

Identity in a larger city can be a challenging task to feel confident about. There are many individuals in your friend group who feel comfortable in their gender identity and sexual orientation. But somewhere inside you, there continues to be a voice comparing yourself to these friends, colleagues, peers, and the latest social media post about positive self-esteem and confidence. There have been moments in your life that have made you question your identity and up until recently you felt this confidence.

Celebrating that confidence in yourself to come out.

Coming out in the LGBTQ+ community can be a large undertaking of its own. There are all of these subsection communities within THE community that one “should” fit a mold. However, that’s not what you truly believe despite the last interaction you had in an attempt to come out as you. Working with a trained professional, you are able to gain insight into the mold you want to create and represent for yourself within your coming out story. By creating short- and long-term goals with your therapist, you can work on centering yourself to a point where you’ll achieve lasting results within your interpersonal relationships, community, and most importantly, your Self.

Already out and still figuring it OUT.

Some days you feel you need some direction even after coming out. You’re not sure which group you belong to or which evening event this week will make you feel more connected to your community, a Drag Race watch party or late night gay sportsball. Suddenly you have this urge to explore a spiritual source in your life, but question it because you are in the queer community. Or it’s a Monday morning and you just walked into work to find out that your coworker who is in a same-sex/queer polyamorous relationship just got engaged, and don’t know how to celebrate because of traditional values that you were raised with. Although these may appear to be a small part of your ever growing community, you want to learn how you can navigate through the grand spectrum of it all. LGBTQ+ affirming therapy can help you work through your goals in navigating through these life events, core values, and building your self-confidence to feel rooted.

Working with LGBTQ+ affirming/informed therapists.

Finding that safe space and person to journey into the depths of your discomfort can be difficult. Working with a trained therapist who is not only educated in mental health topics, but also topics about your gender expression, sexual orientation, and who will be sex positive can be transformational in discovering the confidence you have been searching for all along. Creating that safe space to explore your past story and create new ones about who you are ready to be within your community will take time. Through therapy, you will be able to discover and exonerate your most authentic Self.

Through the use of evidence-based research and years of experience in practice, we will formulate a treatment regiment that will work best for you. Through talk therapy, EMDR, or art therapy you will explore underlying thoughts and emotions that are creating the internal distress in your current experiences. Collaborating with you to tailor your goals while embracing your strengths and learning about your limitations will bring you to a safer place to fit in within your LGBTQ+ community.


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