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Life is hard, and it seems like everyone has problems they’re dealing with. Trying to go through life’s challenges alone can feel isolating and scary. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges. You’re not alone in feeling this way. The Better You Institute is here for you.

Our mission is to create that safe space for everyone who needs it, whether looking after themselves or dealing with family members’ mental health issues on top of their challenges. We offer therapy & counseling for depression, anxiety, trauma, sex, LGBTQ+ issues, BIPOC-specific concerns, couples, and teens. Our clinicians are genuine and open in their sessions with you. We want to help you meet your goals and live a happier life.

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Online Therapy & Counseling in Wayne, PA

Knowing the proper solution when your feelings are too strong might be difficult. That’s why we’re here! We’ve been trained in how best to handle these kinds of situations and make sure your needs are met. The first step towards getting on track again should always start by talking with someone who has experience helping people through tough times.

We stand behind the strength of each individual and want to assist you in achieving your goals. Our therapists will listen without judgment and work with their client(s) based on what’s bothering them and figure out how to specifically make it better for you since everyone has a unique story!

Helping you feel better in the moment is just one of our goals. We also want to equip and educate you to be your own best advocates for total wellness!

Our statement is quite clear; we strive to ensure each client reaches their full potential through personal development, healing & transformation while being equipped with all resources needed on this journey.

Therapy isn’t just about managing symptoms or getting through stressful moments. It’s also a place to build coping skills by exploring thoughts and emotions more thoroughly than ever before so you can move forward without judgment and fearfulness, which will lead to an improved future.

Individual Therapy

Millions of people deal with mental illness, but many go untreated. Mental health issues can be incredibly isolating and embarrassing. You may feel like you’re the only one struggling or that there’s something wrong with you. Our talented therapists are here to provide support and guidance through whatever difficulties you may be experiencing.

The Better You Institute offers individual therapy such as CBT, mindfulness, interpersonal therapy, etc. We can assist you if you’re struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), past/current trauma, self-esteem, negative self-talk, feeling like a failure, LGBTQ+ specific issues, or BIPOC-focused experiences. You don’t have to deal with your issues alone – let us help! Our therapists are highly experienced in helping people manage their mental health issues and live happier lives. We understand what you’re going through, and we want to help.

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

We all know that healthy and happy relationships are important, but it can be tough to maintain them. When communication starts to suffer, it’s easy for things to spiral out of control. You’re always fighting and before you know it, your relationship is on the rocks. You might not know what to do or how things should work and end up feeling frustrated with each other for not being able to fix the problem themselves – but this doesn’t have to be true!

The therapy sessions are beneficial for both partners, as they can help eliminate problems such as trust issues and infidelity. They could also relieve anger in a relationship or an inability to communicate easily with your partner because of anxiety about how they feel towards you.

The Better You Institute offers couples therapy to help you get your relationship back on track. We’ll help you rebuild those cracks in your foundation so your relationship can thrive! With our help, you’ll learn to communicate better and understand each other’s needs.

Couples therapy offers an objective third party who has experience dealing primarily only with couples who may face problems that need help outside of their relationship. Working together will help both parties better understand themselves, so any issues within future interactions don’t come as a surprise and you have the tools to deal with them.

Child & Teen Therapy

Finding the ideal therapist to help your child or teenager overcome emotional issues can be hard. Even if you do find a therapist, it can be tough to know if they’re the right fit for your child or not. The Better You Institute offers online therapy tailored to each child’s individual needs. Our highly educated and experienced therapists have many years of experience helping children and teenagers overcome their emotional difficulties. You want them to be comfortable, open up during therapy, and progress in their treatment.

If you’re looking for help raising your child, you’ve come to the right place. We know that raising children can be difficult, but you can make a big difference in their lives with a little guidance and support. That’s why we highly focus on positive parenting techniques to help your child grow up happy and healthy.

We work with children and teenagers experiencing difficulties in their lives, such as emotional distress or mental health issues. We want to ensure that there is hope for the future ahead of them when they leave therapy sessions! We believe every child deserves a positive and judgment-free experience, and our team works hard to provide that for every one of our patients.

Family Therapy

Family is the fundamental unit of our society. They should be a place to find support, love, and acceptance. However, families can be incredibly triggering without knowing it, making it challenging for some individuals to be a part of them.

The best way to resolve a fight with your family is through therapy. Family therapy allows family members to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe, supportive environment. The goal is always towards healing past wounds and establishing stronger foundations that will help guide future interactions between all parties involved so they can better understand each other’s perspective while working together toward solving problems or achieving goals.

Sex Therapy & Intimacy Counseling

Sexual issues can be incredibly isolating and embarrassing. Many individuals feel ashamed or embarrassed about their sexual issues and don’t know where to turn for help. You may feel like you’re the only person in the world who is struggling with this kind of problem.

The Better You Institute offers sex therapy services to people of all ages and genders. Our therapists are trained to help you resolve various sexual issues in a confidential, non-judgemental setting. We want to help you have the best sex life possible. We believe that starts with open communication and education.

We want you to feel confident and comfortable in your skin. We understand that exploring your sexuality can be daunting, but we want to provide you with a safe space to do so. Our therapists will help you build a sexual identity with that you are comfortable. We strive to create an open and understanding environment where you can explore your sexuality at your own pace. Let us help you find the confidence to be vibrant in your sexuality!

LGTBQ+ Therapy & Counseling

Sometimes you may sense that you don’t quite belong or that something is wrong with you. Society tells us that there are only a few acceptable ways to be, and if you don’t fit into one of those molds, it must break you.

The Better You Institute wants to help you find your authentic self and live a life that feels true to you. We offer therapy sessions for individuals or couples of all sexual orientations, gender identities, or expressions. Our therapists help guide you to the life you want to lead and listen without judgment.

When looking for a therapist who understands LGBTQ+ issues, we have the perfect team of therapists for you! Our staff has extensive experience working with people from all backgrounds and orientations. Whether you are just starting to explore your identity or have been out for years, our therapists can help. Therapy is a great space to explore your true self and work through past traumas by owning your identity or orientation.

We’re committed to providing a safe space for everyone of all gender, identities, and sexual orientations while making you feel heard. We strive so that no one feels rejected or uncomfortable, even if they don’t identify as either gender or have particular sexual preferences!

Anger Management Therapy

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion, but it can cause much damage when it gets out of control. Millions of people suffer from anger management problems each year, and the consequences can be devastating. The Better You Institute offers online anger management therapy that has been proven to work. Our professional therapy sessions are tailored to your specific needs and provide the tools you need to manage your anger properly.

When times are tough, it’s important to know how to handle anger healthily. No one should have trouble dealing with their emotions when facing difficult situations. We believe it is important for you to learn how to control your anger and not let life’s difficulties get too much.


Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety can be debilitating and often feels like it’s controlling your life. You may feel like you’re alone in this, but the truth is that anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems. Knowing where to turn when you’re struggling with anxiety is hard. The Better You Institute offers online and in-person therapy for anxiety. Our therapists are specifically trained to work with anxiety and help you find the best way to manage your symptoms and will work with you one-on-one to find the best way for your body and mind to heal.

Exploring your thoughts without judgment or fearing being judged is possible when you work with us. We’re here to help guide the way, and we want you to feel empowered in your exploration to find what’s right for them!

Depression Therapy

Depression can feel like a never-ending battle you’re fighting all by yourself. You may feel like you’re the only one struggling with depression, but you’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from this condition each year.

The Better You Institute offers hope and healing for those suffering from depression. Our professional therapists are highly skilled and passionate about helping you get your life back on track. We offer online and in-person therapy sessions to equip you with the tools you need to manage your depression.

Grief Therapy

Grief is a common & natural response to the loss of a loved one, and it can take time to work through the pain and sadness that come with it. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed after a loss. You might be lost and not know where to start or what to do next. The pain and sadness can be overwhelming, and it may feel like you’ll never be happy again. But moving forward after a loss is possible—you must be ready.

If you’re feeling ready, it can be helpful to talk with a professional who has experience helping people work through a loss. Professional counseling is an excellent way of getting the support and resources you need to start rebuilding your life.

Grief can be incredibly isolating, and it may feel like there’s no way out of this feeling of sadness, and nobody can understand what you’re going through. But don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many people want to help, and resources are available to support you during this difficult time.

We know each person has different needs and budgets, so we offer low-cost pricing for our grief therapy sessions. You can also choose from various sliding scales based on your income, so there’s something perfect for everyone!

PTSD & Trauma Therapy

It’s not always easy to identify PTSD and trauma. Many people experience the symptoms without realizing it, and they can often appear long after the event has passed. If you’re feeling numb or dissociated from your surroundings, it’s important to take a step back and assess what might be happening.

The memories of the event can feel like they are constantly with you, and it might not be easy to believe that things can improve in the future. But there is hope. You can seek help from professionals who have experience helping people work through trauma. The Better You Institute is here for you. Our team of therapists is ready to assist you in healing the wounds that have been holding you back. We understand that trauma can be extremely debilitating, and we want to help you overcome it to move on with your life.

We believe in the power of everyone, no matter their circumstances. That’s why our rates are affordable, and we offer sliding scales depending on your income level so that more individuals can access the therapy they need.

The Better You Institute is here to help you through any tough times you may be experiencing. We offer therapy and counseling services for various issues, including depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. Our goal is to assist you in finding your way back to the light and living a happy and healthy life. If you’re ready to start your journey, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you!

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