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If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn, The Better You Institute can help. We offer counseling and therapy services to residents in Chestnut Hill, PA, through our online portal, which you can easily access at any time from anywhere. Whether you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or another psychological issue, we can provide the support you need to make a positive change. Contact us today to get started!

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Online Therapy & Counseling in Chestnut Hill, PA

When we have emotional problems, it is frequently difficult to deal with them independently. A mental health professional has been trained to manage these sorts of situations and can provide the assistance you require to overcome them.

Family problems or conflicts, low self-esteem issues, and marital difficulties are all examples of tough challenges that you may be struggling with. Despite this, professional counseling support can still be provided to you to help with any of life’s challenges. If you’re sad, down, or worried about something in your life, it’s worth it to talk with a certified expert.

Whether you’re looking for assistance after a terrible incident or just want to enhance your life in general, we’re here to help. Our goal at The Better You Institute is to provide you with the finest possible service in order to help you achieve your overall health objectives. We are convinced that everyone has the ability for personal development. Our therapists are dedicated to assisting you in achieving your individual goals.

At The Better You Institute, we specialize in assisting those who are struggling with mental health issues, anger management, depression, anxiety, mood problems, relationship challenges, and a variety of other challenges. Our counselors and therapists are highly trained and work with you to develop coping methods that will enable you to properly manage your emotions more successfully.

Therapy may be an extremely helpful tool for those currently looking for help with their mental health issues. Contact us right now if you’re ready to take the first step toward getting assistance!

Individual Therapy

Mental health is without a doubt a significant concern in our society, and it’s critical to address any problems or disorders that we may be experiencing. Individual therapy might be the ideal answer for you if you’re battling anxiety, addiction, substance abuse, depression, , or other mental illnesses.

A qualified therapist can assist you in better comprehending your thoughts and feelings, working through stressful emotions, developing coping methods, and more in a secure environment. Individual therapy from a certified professional might be really beneficial if you’re dealing with a mood disorder like major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, or dysthymia. It can also be really helpful for those who have experienced traumatic events and may suffer from PTSD.

When it comes to overcoming problems, counseling services can provide the support you need. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, dealing with adolescent issues, or just some feelings of sadness, seeing a certified expert counselor can put you on the road to self-improvement.

Our psychologists and therapists have extensive expertise in treating a wide range of mental health difficulties. They can assist you in finding the source of your life stressors and begin to work on self-improvement with the appropriate therapy. We’re here to help!

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

When your relationship gets stuck, it’s usually time for couples counseling or marital therapy! Our therapists can assist you in locating recurring patterns that keep you and your partner from communicating effectively.

We understand that strong relationships require effort, which is why our expert counseling services will help our customers locate the right tools and give therapy techniques to help their bond last for years to come.

Couples counseling can help you resolve any issues that may be affecting your relationship and work through any problems together. You don’t have to figure your problems out on your own; a third party who both of you respect can assist in bringing about long-term positive change!

Child & Teen Therapy

Finding the right person or place to turn can be hard when emotions become too much to handle. Our therapists and counselors can assist you/your child/teen with this! We have a lot of expertise working with children, adolescents, and teenagers and know how to deal with feelings healthily.

Therapy can be a beneficial tool to help strengthen your relationship with children and teens. Our mental health professionals provide this type of therapy, so if you’re looking for additional support in strengthening the bonds between parent-child or adolescent/young adult relationships, we’ve got just what you and your child need!!

Every kid gets a healthy and positive experience at our facility. We also offer parental advice on how to properly interact with their children outside of therapy sessions to encourage growth and change.

Family Therapy

When you come to see us, the safety and well-being of you and your family are our top priority. We are experts in assisting families in determining what caused conflict inside their homes and how they may collaborate as a team to achieve success!

Communication difficulties are not uncommon among relatives. This is frequently due to their emotional conditions, or the communication blocks they confront in today’s relationships.

Family counseling can assist you and your loved ones in discovering new methods to communicate and resolve issues. Group therapy may also aid in identifying and modifying harmful behavioral patterns. If you’re feeling trapped, frustrated, or even hopeless, family therapy from one of our expert family therapists might be the answer for you.

It might be beneficial to know where your loved ones are coming from if you’re thinking about therapy. Communication within a family or between spouses may appear impossible. We’ll get through this with respect for everyone’s opinions!

We also provide family therapy for parents who are suffering from addiction or mental illness. You don’t have to be perfect! It’s all about being there for your children.

Sex Therapy & Intimacy Counseling

Are you having trouble having sex with your partner? Are you noticing that your sex drive is fading away? Don’t worry if this is the case — you’re not alone. For millions of individuals throughout the world, it’s a typical problem.

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding sex and what a person wants from it. We realize if you don’t know how to prioritize your intimacy requirements or if the thought process has left room for sexual frustrations and worries.

Don’t ignore your lack of sexual desire. Fortunately, our specialists are on hand to assist you! Through talk therapy, our therapists help you to navigate any questions you may have about your sexuality or sexual desire. Customers who want to enhance their sexual connection with their partners may seek assistance at our clinic.

Our sex therapists work with individuals who have difficulties in their relationships and help them overcome problems that may have caused their interest in or performance to plummet, such as family background issues, trust, or past trauma.

LGTBQ+ Therapy & Counseling

We provide a secure and welcoming atmosphere for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender!

If you’re aiming for a counselor who understands the specific difficulties that LGBTQ+ individuals confront, we’re here to help. The Better You Institute houses a team of therapists who are familiar with the LGBTQ+ community.

We are aware of how difficult it can be to reveal oneself, transition, internalize prejudice towards your identity such as homophobia/biphobia/transphobia, come to terms with your sexual orientation, deal with relationship difficulties and/or mental health concerns and live as your genuine self. Our main goal is to immediately assist you in overcoming these issues so that you may live a happier and more fulfilling life.

We provide counseling to individuals who are exploring their gender identity. This sort of therapy may be quite useful since it allows you to examine both the internal and external aspects of gender. Our knowledgeable therapists will work directly with you to offer assistance and direction. Please visit our LGBTQ+ therapy page for additional information about our services!

Anger Management Therapy

Anger is a strong feeling. It may make us feel powerful and in command, or it might totally overwhelm us. When we give in to our anger, it has the potential to harm our relationships, jobs, and even our mental health.

That’s why, if you’re having difficulties with anger problems, it’s critical to seek help from a certified therapist. You’ll avoid the risks of uncontrolled rage and how therapy may help you control this powerful feeling safely and effectively.

We assist those who are having problems with any form of anger. At The Better You Institute, LLC., we’ve dealt with road rage, domestic violence, and other forms of physically aggressive behavior. We look forward to helping you overcome your anger problems and begin living a happier life!

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety disorders can have a significant negative impact on people’s lives. They may be severe and prevent individuals from pursuing their objectives. Anxiety is a subjective experience that manifests itself in many unique ways. If anxiety causes you problems in your day-to-day activities or distress, you should seek assistance.

Worrying excessively is a bad habit that might make you feel as if your mind is in turmoil all the time. It may produce anxiety attacks, sadness/depression, other mental health disorders, sleeplessness, and irritability.

If you find yourself suffering from anxiety and are looking for someone to talk to, know that you aren’t alone. And more significantly, recognize that help is available. Finding a psychologist specializing in anxiety treatment is the first step toward feeling better.

Here at The Better You Institute, we have a team of expert therapists ready to assist you with the treatment that better suits your current needs. They’re experts in anxiety treatment and will work one-on-one with you to find the best solution for both your mind and body.

Depression Therapy

As a serious illness, depression can strike anybody at any time and significantly impact one’s behavioral health. Don’t be despondent if you are feeling low and down. There is assistance available at The Better You Institute, LLC, with a mental health professional assisting you in determining the source of your sadness and developing positive coping strategies.

You may start to recover and feel better after therapy sessions. You may want assistance with improving your relationships with family members, boosting self-esteem, or addressing issues of sadness/anger—all of which are crucial in any sort of depression!

We have therapists with the ideal skills to assist people of all kinds with their depression. We treat many conditions, including major depressive disorder, bipolar depression, dysthymia (chronic low mood), and general feelings of sadness.

Therapy is a sign of bravery and perseverance. Our counselors are on hand to assist you in finding your way back to the light. A mental health professional will provide a secure environment where you can examine your thoughts or feelings without fear of judgment. You are not alone; we want to assist you in finding your way out of the darkness.

Grief Therapy

The death of a loved one is unquestionably among the most devastating events that someone or a family may experience. It’s natural to be deeply saddened and sorrowful, and it might appear as if there is no way to get over it. If you’re ready to get started dealing with your loss, seeing a professional may be quite beneficial.

A counselor with experience working with bereaved people can assist you in dealing with sadness or other emotions you are feeling during your grieving process.We are here to offer advice and support as you go through your emotions. It feels as if the world has come to an end when someone close to you dies. Everything you thought you knew has vanished, leaving you feeling helpless and alienated.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and perplexed following a tragedy, and it’s critical to look after yourself during this trying period. There are many techniques for obtaining comfort and direction after death, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you need assistance.

At The Better You Institute, we provide low-cost pricing and sliding scale therapy fees (based on income) for residents of Chestnut Hill, PA, whether you’d prefer virtual appointments or in-person appointments at our office in Philadelphia. We recognize how challenging it is to grieve, and we are here to assist you throughout this time.

PTSD & Trauma Therapy

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is commonly known as an anxiety disorder that emerges following a traumatic experience. It’s possible that your accident trauma could have been caused by anything from sexual assault, physical abuse, and even the death of a loved one. Natural disasters and accidents are examples of traumatic events as well.

Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms can differ from person to person; however, it is common for individuals to experience flashbacks, nightmares, and intrusive recollections about the incident. If you find yourself dealing with any of these issues, it’s fundamental to get help from a mental health expert right away.

It’s not simple to move on after a traumatic experience. You might feel as though you’re trapped in the past, unable to think about anything else. Alternatively, the memories of what occurred may be so distressing that you’d rather not think about them at all.

It’s natural to feel this way; trauma may be overwhelming and life-altering. But if you’re ready to move forward, we can assist you. Our expert therapists have mastered assisting individuals in working through trauma. Our counseling services will help you discover the bravery necessary to confront your past and begin living a new chapter in your life.

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