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Sex and Sexuality Therapy in Philadelphia

“Sexuality is such a very, very strange thing because it’s not just about reproducing. There’s psychological aspects to it, there’s sociological aspects to it. There’s forbidden things that become more appealing because of it. It’s so strange – what exists with human beings that doesn’t exist at all in any of the animal world – this idea of being conscious and being aware, and also contemplating all of the variables, and that this sort of combines together with the biological needs of reproduction and it creates this really potent, confusing cocktail of ideas that gets… this idea of what people can and can’t do to each other is so crazy…”

Joe Rogan, The Joe Rogan Experience episode #718

Embrace your humanism.

Explore what your sexuality has to offer you. Whether you are looking to add depth and vibrancy to an already great sex life, or if you’re looking to gain a base understanding of what’s going on, you have the potential already within you. Tap into your sensual, intimate parts of your Self.

Health and vibrancy are what you’re looking for.

Most of the things in your life are doing well. You are established in your career, your relationships are doing well, but you’re missing something. You’re looking to hone in on the healthiest relationship not only with others, but with yourself.

You are a highly motivated person.

Use the motivation that you’ve shown can work for you in so many other areas of your life – job, relationship, social life, children – and put it toward yourself. What do you want to get out of your sex and sexuality? Is it total control of your body? Is it an increase in libido? Is it comfort knowing you know what you need sexually?

Do you sometimes fall into behaviors that don’t benefit you in the long run? Do you have trauma around your sexual identity, gender or orientation? We hold a safe space for you to explore these sensitive topics to gain confidence in yourself.

Sift through the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to find your best Self. Within your best Self, you will find your best sexual Self.

What Sex Therapy can do for you…

Having a specially trained therapist in the room with you can create a safe, empathic space for you to explore your sexuality. Exploration will elicit enlightened perspectives for yourself and your partner. Through the use of evidence-based research and years of experience in practice, we will formulate a treatment regiment that will work best for you. Through talk therapy, EMDR, or art therapy you will explore underlying thoughts and emotions that are creating the internal distress in you experience. Your therapist will then send you home with behavioral strategies or thought provoking and emotionally driven homework to implement on yourself or with a partner, which you will then discuss in your next session. In the end, you will feel empowered, confident, and comfortable in your own skin.


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