Mood, Behavior, and Personality Disorders

Working on a Better You can be hard to define.

When you have a feeling that just doesn’t sit well, it’s almost impossible to go through your day without that feeling interrupting in some form. You might feel bad about yourself or super sad and unmotivated to do anything.

You may be your own worst enemy.

You may let your thoughts talk yourself out of doing something you’ve been wanting to do. Or, you may start arguments you don’t mean to start and later feel sorry for.

Perhaps you just need to put a label on why you’re behaving the way you are.

The Better You Institute can help.

The Better You Institute can help you identify what, if any, mental health disorder(s) you’re suffering from. You can gain a better understanding of the etiology of what’s happening to you and identify research-tested techniques to apply to your life. Ultimately, by exploring your mental health you can get to a Better You.

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