Mood and Behavior Disorders

Therapy for Adults


Defining the problem can be difficult…

When you have a feeling that just doesn’t sit well, it’s almost impossible to go through your day without that feeling interrupting. It’s almost as if a grey cloud is hovering above you and following you around. You start to feel bad about yourself, super sad, and unmotivated to do anything.

You tend to be your own worst enemy.

You may let your thoughts talk yourself out of doing something you’ve been wanting to do. Or, you may start arguments you don’t mean to start and later feel sorry for.

You’re not sure what is going on, but you know you haven’t been yourself for a while and you’re motivated for a change.

Gain insights into your patterns.

Your mood can shift for various reasons. You’ve had a tough few months at your job, your relationship is struggling, or maybe you’re just not where you want to be.

Mood changes often come with behavior changes. These can be so subtle you barely notice them. A change in temperament, canceling your gym membership, staying in on the weekends are just a few examples of things people start to do when they experience mood issues. You tell yourself you had a bad day at work, or you can workout at home – that the cost isn’t worth it anymore, or all of the places you used to go out to are boring now.

You rationalize your behavior changes, which keeps you stuck.

Feel empowered and begin to feel better.

Learn how to get out of your own way. Learn to support and challenge yourself. Learn to face the tough stuff to get to the enjoyable experiences.

Therapy for Children and Teens


Feeling something without having the words…

You look at your child and you can see their pain. They carry it with them but struggle to express themselves. For some children, they haven’t learned the language to express themselves. For others, they haven’t gained the confidence to talk. Even at a young age, we can experience low mood or unruly behaviors.

Safety in a therapist.

Children and teens tend to be highly influenced by loved ones. They see their parents as heroes, their friends as keepers of their reputations, but see themselves as the lowest person on the totem pole.

By working with a therapist, your child or teen can feel safe to explore themselves and how they fit into the world without fear of judgment or feeling like they need to prove something. They can find themselves, express themselves, and learn to love themselves.

Let us help!

Whether you’re here for yourself or your child, The Better You Institute can help you identify what, if any, mental health disorder(s) you or your loved one are suffering from. You can gain a better understanding of the etiology of what’s happening and implement research-tested techniques to apply to your life. Ultimately, by exploring your mental health you can get to a Better You.

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