Julissa Boyce, B.S.

Professional Counseling Intern


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Julissa Boyce

Special Interests

I used to hate reading when I was younger. It was so dreadful that any incentive offered did little to motivate me. One of my mother’s close friends gave me a novel to read, and she said, “If you can finish this book by the end of the summer, I’ll take you to Paris.” I’ve never been to Paris, yet! It’s not because she didn’t keep her end of the bargain. I tried my best. I was motivated for about a day or two. However, it didn’t matter how much I wanted to go to Paris. Finishing that book felt impossible for someone like me to accomplish. So, I just gave up. 

Fast forward to me as an adult. I became a teacher. I’m required to teach Reading and Writing to my students and have done so with kindergarteners to 9th graders. Becoming a teacher changed my perspective on reading. Teaching helped me see that there are many ways to read. We read between the lines. We read others’ body language, facial expressions, and moods. Teaching literature helped me see that we are all readers of [books and] each other and have much to learn from each other. 

Becoming a counselor has shined a new light on reading for me. I believe that everyone has a story. I look forward to hearing your story. I will help you explore your story and analyze your character development. Together we will find patterns and understanding. In the end, you’ll have the tools to write your best story. 

ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), Narrative Therapy, and Play Therapy are just some of the therapeutic models you’ll see me use in our therapy sessions. Ultimately, I want to utilize what is best for you, which may entail a combination of approaches. You are the expert on your story. I aim to give you the time and space to embrace and navigate your story. 

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Education and have been a passionate teacher for six years. I am excited to be working to support emotional and mental health, and I have a unique background that enables me to connect with people from varied backgrounds. My love for personal development has guided my work as a teacher in preparing my students beyond academics. This passion has also led me to pursue a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology and Mental Health Counseling at Temple University. 

I look forward to serving children, adolescents, and adults in the therapeutic space.


Schedule of Availability:

Monday: 3-8p virtual

Tuesday: 3-9p in person; virtual


Sunday: 9a-3p in person; virtual