Families, Children, and Adolescents

Families come in all shapes and sizes!

No two families are alike. Comparing yourself to your neighbors, your child’s best friend’s family, your co-worker’s family is unfair to you. Your family is special, no matter how it’s packaged. Maybe you’re divorced. Maybe you’re remarried. Maybe you’ve adopted. Maybe you’re a mixed race family. Whatever your family compilation is, you are special and worthy of having happiness within your family dynamic.

When the unexpected happens…

Raising children can be challenging in any environment. When a loss or separation happens, raising children can seem like an uphill battle leaving you feeling hopeless, exhausted, and ready to give up. Whether you’re a family with both parents involved, a blended family, or single parent, family dynamics can lead you astray. You want to feel more connected to your children and feel confident in yourself as a parent in order to get through anything life might throw at you.

What if you don’t grow out of it?

Everyone said you’d start to get along with your sibling(s) more once you got older. Well, now you’re older and nothing has changed. You fight all the time. You’re expected to show up and get along at family events, but it’s tiresome. Or, the loss of a parent is tearing your family apart. You’re all adults, but the stress is too much to handle on your own.

You thought once you got older and started having children of your own you’d begin to understand your parents more. But you don’t. You feel like they’re on opposing teams as you. You’ve never truly felt understood by your parents.

Or, maybe it’s the other way around. You thought once your child grew out of their teen angst that you’d finally be able to have the relationship you’ve always dreamed of. Your child is constantly berating you. It’s not fun.

We specialize in adult family therapy dealing with an array of issues that can affect not only the individual but the entire family.

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