Behavior Consultation

How can I be a better version of myself?

Do you find yourself feeling confident with most things in your life, but there’s that one thing that you know you could do better?

Maybe you’re trying to get a new job, you get the first interview, but you never get the call back for the second one.

Is your online dating profile good enough to get you matches, but no dates?

Do you find yourself struggling to make new friends and can’t figure out why?

Or, maybe you just want to surprise your partner with something new in the bedroom!

Short-term therapy

All the previous topics, and more, can be improved in short-term therapy. Sometimes just one session is all you need.

Your therapist will give hands on, behavioral changes to make that you can implement right after your session!

You’ll carry yourself differently in an interview; you’ll change the way you interact with a person online; or you’ll feel confident in your social skills to talk to that random stranger at your next social event. Your partner will be talking about your ‘special surprise’ for months after and be begging to do it again.

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